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Classic Harrington Jackets

No introduction is needed.

The original Harrington jacket is a vintage-cult jacket. Worn and adored by some of the most stylish and remarkable men and ladies of recent times. Despite fashion and trends, it remains an outright classic. A timeless piece. Excelling in versatility, whether you are playing down to a laid-back casual look or can be smartened up for the more formal occasion.

Made famous by the likes of Mr James Dean and Steve McQueen, it is a must-have piece that we regard as pretty much an essential in any Mod’s wardrobe. What makes the Harrington Jacket so great is its versatility -  in that you can wear it to smarten up your look with and pretty much goes with anything (sta press trousers, mod polos and so on) - and you can get away with wearing it pretty much all year round too. Certainly, a personal favourite here at Mazeys.

The versatile Harrington Jacket is a timeless piece that makes every outfit you own - smart-casual, laidback, sophisticated look - edgier, cleaner with a classic vintage look. The Harrington Jackets are available in a wide colour selection from Cream, Black, Blue, Brown, Yellow, Green, Grey, Pink, Red and even Mustard.

As you can see we have a huge range of classic, original and vintage Harrington Jackets amongst a range of the top brands who all have their slightly unique take on them. At Mazey's, we ensure that you are a solid choice in a wide range of colours and sizes too. All the Harrington Jackets come with completely free UK shipping, so the price you see is the price you pay (in that regard). 

Let us know if you have any questions with regards to any of the Harrington jackets and we will be more than happy to help you.