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Vintage Retro Polo Shirts

A proper retro mod vintage polo shirt is an absolute must in any mod’s clothing collection. In fact there should at least be one for every day of the week. A polo shirt is as synonymous with mod clothing and fashion as the classic harrington jacket to a pair of classic sta pressed trousers. It’s an unmistakable given. A great versatile piece, you can dress a polo shirt up or down -  really a quality vintage polo shirt needs no introduction at all.

Our most popular range of shirts, polos. You will recognise a lot of the brands on sale as we only deal with the best in the business, so you know you are getting a quality mod polo shirt. Like always though, if you do have any issues or want to know more details about a particular polo then just let us know through the contact form and we will be with you as soon as possible. And as with all the clothes you get at mazeys, our polo shirts are backed with free UK shipping.